Kitchen Renovations: 6 Trends to Look Out for in 2019

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March 4, 2019
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This year, kitchen trends have become softer, soulful and simpler. As our lives in the digital age get busier and busier, our homes become our sanctuaries – in a world full of disarray, our homes should be a place without clutter.  


Whether you’re building a new kitchen, or are about to start a new kitchen renovation, you may want to look at these 7 exquisite new trends before making any major design decisions.  


They’re simple, sleek and not difficult to accomplish. With just a few adjustments to an already built kitchen, or implementing some flare into your new kitchen renovation, you will have one that is not only on-trend but, judging by these designs, timeless.


1.      Hidden, smart storage 

hidden kitchen cabinet with kitchen appliances


Many people are starting to gravitate towards concealed and clean integration in their kitchen designs, with maximized and smart storage solutions being the primary reason.


To avoid disorder and, why not consider this approach?  


It’s super sleek and you end up making the most of your space. This trend is perfect for people looking to renovate the kitchens in their city apartments or bachelor pads where space is usually limited.  


2.      Feature walls  

modern kitchen with marble kitchen countertops

Many lifestyle publications and designers are reporting that kitchen backsplashes will be trending in 2019, with tiles being extending all the way up to the ceiling of kitchens. 


As opposed to just a few lines of tiles above the counter, this new trend features an entire wall of tiles usually in a highly contrasting colour in comparison to the rest of the kitchen.  


Although there’s no practicality to it, a feature wall like this will add texture and visual interest to any kitchen.  

3.    Dark colours 


modern kitchen with green cupboard finishings and marble countertops

One thing you’ll see in any online publication is that people are choosing dark colours for kitchen designs this year.  


Instead of light colours such as blues and greys, we’re starting to see a trend where dark, moody colours such as navy, black and olive/forest green are being paired with gold, copper and rose gold hardware.  


By going for this trend, you’ll give your new kitchen a classy, vintage feel. This is by far our favourite of all the trends we’re seeing, and funnily enough, the most affordable to do. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing and quite simple to achieve.  


4.      Characterful hardware  

kitchen countertop and sink with gold plated finish


In 2019 we are seeing an old trend make a comeback – hardware that is full of character.  

Adding eccentric hardware which comes in a host of styles is an inexpensive and fun way to way to do this.


It’ll give your kitchen renovation so much more personality and these trending colours pair beautifully with modern and traditional kitchens alike.  Colours such as:


  • Gun metal
  • Copper
  • Rose gold
  • Brass


Styles to consider:


  • Steampunk
  • Art Deco
  • Victorian
  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Mid-Century Modern


Due to the trend, these styles won’t be hard to pick up at your local Home Base or B&M stores. It all comes down to the finer details, like oven dials and cabinet knobs. You’re going to have a blast shopping for these accessories! 


5.      Closed cabinets

Do you remember when open shelving was in? Where your cutlery and crockery had to be immaculate because it was continuously on display? Well, that’s out.

modern kitchen with gas stove and microwave

This design has become less popular over the years due to its impracticality. So, in 2019 we’re back to closed cabinets and cupboards.


This year is all about being real and so when it comes to your kitchen renovation, revert to the classic closed cabinet look.


Depending on your taste, you can even paint them in wild colours. More on this in our next trend.


6.      Cabinets with character

unique kitchen cabinets and finishings


Countering the “moody colours” trend, this exciting new style caters for those with brighter personalities.


Instead of the age-old white cabinetry trend, people are now beginning to incorporate brightly coloured cabinets in their new kitchen renovations.


It gives off a 50’s feel when you get it right. What’s great is that you can match both the moody colour trend and bright colour trend with the hardware trend spoken about above.


Imagine ocean blue cabinets with brass handles or burgundy cupboards paired with copper hardware? Striking to say the least.

If you’re looking for a company that does the whole kitchen renovation from start to finish, get in touch with us for a free, no obligation quote. These 2019 kitchen renovations really when come in handy if you’re planning on extending your house or renovating it entirely. Furthermore, our guide to new kitchen costs will keep you from overspending throughout the process. Together, we will help you plan your kitchen, then design and build it for you.  If you’re thinking of installing a kitchen in your loft; well the costs might differ slightly, but this is all you need to know