The Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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May 17, 2019
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Kitchens weren’t always one of the focal points of a home. Up until a decade or so ago, they were strictly for cooking and cleaning up.

Fast forward to 2019 and the kitchen has become the heart of the home. A warm place that brings everyone together over a timeless tradition; people getting together to eat.

It’s no wonder then that kitchen remodelling has become a huge trend, with many homeowners across the UK opting to renovate and even install whole new kitchens in their homes.

Looking for the best kitchen remodel ideas? Here are our top 5:

1.      Smart Kitchens

Technology has produced smart controls and features which can now be integrated into every function and appliance in your kitchen. No really… From the faucets to the fridge to the lighting. We’ve now evolved to the point where a smart house is a reality.

Many kitchens are now built smart. If you aren’t looking to build a brand-new kitchen, then older kitchens can be made smart as part of your kitchen remodel. You can easily add sensors, smart gadgets and a whole host of other incredible devices.

How about this:

  • Motion sensor equipped kitchen faucets that will sense the presence of hands underneath, turning on automatically
  • Refrigerators that will alert you when you’re running low on groceries or when your eggs are going bad
  • A programmable coffee maker that will make you a cup when you wake up
  • Controlling your lighting from your smartphone or tablet

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2.      Maximize your kitchen space

When remodelling your kitchen, it’s the perfect opportunity to rethink the space. Do you ever feel like your current kitchen seems a little cluttered? Well, by simply repositioning cabinets, you can maximise the space on the floor for appliances but also the countertop space.

Another great kitchen remodel idea is by maximising your wall space with floating shelves. Here you can display your finest crockery.

Why not install narrow cupboards with pull-out shelves into the corners of your kitchen, where you can stack smaller items? This type of shelving is great for keeping smaller items, such as glasses, mugs and cutlery.

maximising kitchen space

3.      Build a kitchen bar

Because the kitchen has now become the heart of the home, it’s not unusual for friends and family to gather here, win you’re preparing the food. If you entertain often, why not fit a bar in your kitchen?  A small area with space for a few of your favourite spirits, bar equipment, and snacks will be perfect for this.

When you reposition cabinetry, make sure to make space for this. You don’t need a large area. Perhaps use the space your refrigerator was in.

4.      Effective Storage

Let’s be honest, there never seems to be enough space in a kitchen. As is often the case with old kitchen cabinetry, it’s not functional.  

If your current kitchen cabinetry is inadequate or ineffective, you can counter these storage challenges with the following awesome ideas:

  • Appliance garages for small appliances
  • Tray dividers
  • Roll-out trays
  • Caddies for pots & pans
  • Wastebasket cabinets for garbage and recyclables
  • Drawer dividers for cutlery, crockery & utensils
  • Pull-outs drawers for spices and condiments

Another great kitchen remodel idea if the room allows is to build a walk-in pantry. This will quite literally solve all your space issues.

5.      Lay down ceramic tiling

Even though hardwood flooring is still extremely popular, 2019 has seen a rise in popularity for ceramic flooring. Ceramic flooring now comes in an extensive variety of designs, styles, and sizes.

If you still love the look of hardwood flooring, then no worries! You can get ceramic tiles that look identical to hardwood flooring. They’re cheaper and they are less expensive, and less of an effort to maintain and clean.

Ok, so it looks the same, but does it feel the same? Thanks to technology it does. Ceramic tiles mimic the texture of materials like wood and stone.  

The best part? They come in a wide variety of cuts and sizes. To the point where you can even get ceramic flooring that resembles planks of wood.

You can create any style and pattern, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

So, how much does a new kitchen cost?

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, costs will vary depending on the materials you choose. But, in Surrey, you’re looking at anything up to £9,000.

Now, what this includes is Vat, fitting and labour, but does not include appliances and extras. It’s also useful to know that this won’t include preparation costs. For instance, ripping out your old cabinets and flooring, or even plastering.

There also may be, unpredictable changes and challenges when it comes to your new kitchen build that is usually quite difficult to anticipate.

So, how do you ensure that these costs don’t spiral out of control?

Use a local construction company in Surrey

Whatever you do, don’t listen to your kitchen supplier when it comes to installing your purchase. Rather use a local company that will come in, plan and be honest with you from the very beginning.

It may even pay to involve them in the purchasing of your cabinets and flooring. In many cases, local construction companies may have relationships with kitchen specialists too, allowing you to get discounts or wholesale prices on cabinet units, countertops, flooring and fittings.

If you’re looking for reliable construction companies in Surrey for your kitchen remodel, then get in touch with us at Renov8experts.

We offer the best deals in Surrey, are reliable and all our tradesman are in-house (not subcontracted). We also have a world of experience in the kitchen remodel process.