5 Awesome Loft Conversion Ideas

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March 27, 2019
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Are you thinking of converting your loft? Well, you have come to the right place because we have some brilliant ideas!

We hope that these practical ways to convert your loft will inspire you in terms of reimaging your space. From small loft conversion ideas and a walk-in cupboard to a bedroom and even bathroom ideas, don’t let the space go wasted!

A reading nook

reading nook with a sky light

If your loft is relatively small, you can still convert it into a practical space. What about a charming and tranquil little reading nook featuring a wall of books?

When it comes to the design, it all depends on whether it is for you or for your children. Either or, it’s one of the easier loft conversion ideas to implement.

A second lounge

a lounge with tv and couch

With many lofts in the UK, the ceilings are very low, so if this is the case with your property, why not convert it into an extra living space?

This idea is great for parents who would like their main living space to be a little more private – especially when you have guests around. All the kids can go sit up there and socialise while you entertain downstairs. It’s a win-win situation.

Your only expenses with this type of conversion would be a fresh lick of paint, some funky wallpaper and perhaps a carpet. If the floor is wooden, then carpeting isn’t entirely necessary.

A walk-in closet

walk in closet loft idea

In some houses throughout Surrey, the loft is connected to the master bedroom with a staircase. If your house has this, why not convert it into a spacious walk-in closet?

Hire a renovation company to help you design and install custom cupboards and hanging racks along the walls.

Besides that, your only expenses would be installing a light and flooring. In the picture above, you will see it allows for a lot of storage space which will free up your bedroom cabinets downstairs.

An extra bedroom

bedroom loft idea with floral wall paint

Some of you will have a sizeable loft, and if you do, why not convert it into an extra bedroom? This way, the value of your home will immediately go up.

As you can see in the picture above, some beautiful wallpaper and carpeting is all you really need. You can also install shelving and built-in cabinetry along the walls for extra storage.

You don’t necessarily need to install a light either, a renovation company will be able to install a skylight for natural rays during the day, and you can use a lamp in the evenings.

A bathroom

bathroom loft conversion idea

Now, if your loft is connected to your master bedroom, another great way to utilise the extra space is by converting it into an en-suite bathroom. In as you can see in the image above, the space is being used to its full potential.

If approached correctly, you’ll have space for a shower, toilet and basin. The result here is a bathroom that is both modern and vintage. To increase the available storage space in your new bathroom, you could also install drawers in the steps leading up to the loft for towels and linen. Need some more ideas on loft conversions? Here is a detailed guide to making sure you get the most out of your renovation.

If you’re looking for construction companies in Surrey, or for more loft conversion ideas, get in touch with us at renov8experts. We have years of experience converting all types of spaces.