8 Ideas for Kitchen Extensions: Maximising Space

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The primary motivation for an extension is usually to create more space. Kitchen extensions are quite simple to design and implement. It is all about using the space you have to the fullest. If you are struggling for space, then you have come to the right place.  

When it comes to extending a kitchen, there are some beautiful ideas and examples out there. With these 8 ideas, you can transform a cramped structure into a captivating space for cooking, entertaining and living.

Kitchen extensions not only add more space to a house but may also drive up the value of your property If you choose to sell. So, let’s look at our top 10 ideas for kitchen extensions.

1.  Plan storage

First thing’s first, you need to plan your kitchen storage with great precision and care. A useful tip here is to install or keep all your cabinets and cupboards in one specific area of your kitchen. This can be done by installing them in a full width, lengthy island. You will do most of your food preparation on this island, so installing the cabinets here will ensure you have easy access.

As you can see in the image above, this island can act as a dining area too, maximising the area and opening the rest of the space for part of a living area. If you have limited space, we recommend going open plan.

modern kitchen with a vintage feel

2.  Strategically placed cabinets  

If an island is out the question for you and you’re considering a more traditional style kitchen, then you will need to strategically place the cabinets.  If you look at the design above, the kitchen cabinets have been designed in an L-shape, opening a lot of space to the right – enough for a table and chairs. This is perfect for semi-detached, smaller homes.

modern kitchen with grey finishing and a kettle on the counter

3.  Glazed Doors

Are looking for great ideas to divide open-plan space? If you are extending a Victorian home, your ceilings will most likely be high and so furniture won’t work well. Our advice is to install glazed doors, or an archway like in the image above. It will immediately create the feel of two separate rooms while simultaneously adding charm.

They will add defined verticals to the design, creating a noticeable difference between kitchen and living areas without taking too much away from that open feel. The height of the room can be emphasized by to-the-roof storage and low hanging lights.

glazed kitchen doors and kitchen appliances on the kitchen countertop

4.  Use of light

When approaching kitchen extensions, another great and effective idea for creating a sense of space is by either installing your island or placing a table and chairs in the area of your kitchen that receives the most amount of natural light.

As you can see in the example above, it isn’t a big space, but because the area gets an abundance of natural light, it appears more spacious. Further to this, of which we’ll get to, light and brightly painted walls are much more reflective than dark, moodier coloured walls. This helps makes a room feel more open and airier, maximizing the effect created by natural sunlight.

all white modern kitchen with marble countertops

5.  Simple colour themes

When painting and decorating your kitchen, opt for a unified theme. You can be as adventurous as you want when it comes to colour in your new kitchen extension, just make sure to use light colours only. Coupled with lightly coloured walls, it will create the illusion of space.

As you can see in the image above, it is a relatively small kitchen, but because of all the white, it creates an open, spacious feel – maximising the area without compromising on cupboard or surface space. Furthermore, the above kitchen is inexpensive yet still modern, a great choice for those on a tight budget.

minimalist kitchen layout with wall oven

6.  Define with colour

On the other hand, if you are working with a large space, make large, you can use colour to define separate functions. They don’t have to be radically different in hue, but subtle differences will give character to each functional area of your kitchen, making them stand alone. Have a look at the image above and compare to the ideas below.

Food preparation area:

As you can see, the island’s cabinets are painted white and the tops are granite, blending in with the rest of the kitchen, maintaining uniformity.

Dining area:

With a subtle change in colour but still matching, the dining area stands alone, maximising the space nicely.

open plan kitchen with dining table and chairs

7.  The use of a mirror

Mirrors are incredible for creating the illusion of light, depth and space in any room, and the same applies to a kitchen. It may seem a little odd, but just look at how the mirror effects the space in the above example. Mirrors make a narrow space seem wider. 

Furthermore, if you place a mirror on a wall that is directly opposite or 90 degrees to a window it will bounce natural light around the room, making it appear larger because of the reflective brightness.

Another secret tip is to hang the mirror vertically as this will direct eyes upward, making the roof appear higher.

kitchen with a mirror in it

8.  Extend sideways

As is the case with many people living in the UK, extending out to the side of your property is effective. This is especially if you live in a semi-detached or detached home because you won’t need to use your back-garden space.

Although effective, you will most likely lose side access to your garden. For this, you will require planning permission from your neighbour as you will build up to their boundary.


As you can see, many of the ideas on this list are quite subtle, so they won’t end up costing you a fortune. It’s all about illusion. By applying these ideas for kitchen extensions, you will maximise your space and save on many construction costs. Maximise your space with your loft conversion, with everything you need to know here

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