Basement/Cellar Conversions Near Me? Create Extra Living Space

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Basement conversion

Did you find this page by searching “Basement/cellar conversions near me?” You’re in luck. Here we showcase work carried out for a UK client who wanted to convert the basement of their flat into a utility room, with an additional shower and toilet area.

Our architect working closely with the client to create the workable space. If you are looking for a basement conversion company near you, then get in touch today.

The basement had to be “tanked” before work could commence to ensure sufficient damp proofing.

What does tanking a basement/cellar mean?

Tanking a cellar, or having a cellar tanked, involves applying a liquid waterproof coating (tanking slurry). This must be applied to the ceiling and walls of the cellar/basement. Tanking a cellar provides waterproof barrier which prevents water ingress and damp.